We bring private-quality, affordable healthcare within reach of patients living in Africa

Why choose Healthshare’s managed care ?

Healthshare believes that everyone should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare services. No one should have to wait for treatment when faced with a serious or life changing illness. We take special care in meeting the unique needs of each patient, placing them in the care of medical specialists who are able to offer them the best health outcome. Under the umbrella of our managed care platform, we provide case management, billing auditing, and clinical product development services to health ministries, corporates, funders, and individuals seeking medical tourism.

Focus on the patient
We use our service provider matrix to match the patient’s needs with a specialist who can provide the best care and best outcome.

Access to wide network of specialists
The patient has access to a range of specialist physicians, pathologists, radiologists, oncologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and pharmacies through our network of preferred providers.

Active involvement in patient management
Healthshare actively manages the patient’s level of care as well as their length of stay. We take care of the entire outpatient and inpatient process from the time the patient arrives until their return home.

Reducing costs
Our Managed Care processes reduce unnecessary healthcare costs. Healthshare negotiates upfront tariffs and discounts on behalf of the client with complete focus on cost and billing transparency.

Expert speciality, primary, and emergency care

Healthshare patients have access to the very best doctors and surgeons in the following medical and surgical sub specialities:

Gastro Entorology
Maxillo Facial
Obs + Gynae

Plastic Surgery

Private care hospital network

All Healthshare patients can expect to receive treatment at private-quality medical facilities.

The Healthshare advantage

Private quality care

All our care providers within our preferred provider network share the same commitment to quality care as Healthshare. We are dedicated to your health, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Medical specialists

Access to large provider network across 24 medical and surgical sub specialities. Preferential appointment times for Healthshare patients.

Managed care

Controlled in-patient admissions and length of stay. All tariffs are negotiated upfront with complete focus on cost and billing transparency.

The right treatment

Successful track record of improving the quality of care received by patients. Healthshare’s case manager matches the patients needs with medical specialists that can offer the best health outcome

Controlled billing

Healthshare actively manages and audits costs and invoices before submitting any bills to the funder for payment.

How case management works

Patient is identified in country of origin

The local health service provider refers their patient for specialist treatment in South Africa. A full medical report and copy of passport is sent to Healthshare.

In an emergency situation clients are evacuated to South Africa by air ambulance. Alternatively, they travel by commercial flight or by road.

Healthshare’s services are engaged

Healthshare’s case manager receives the patient’s documents and captures them on our system. The case details are run through our service provider matrix which takes into account required specialist skills, tariffs, speed of feedback, settlement discounts, costs of associated providers (x-ray, anaesthetists, and other specialists), level of care and length of stay. Our case manager matches the patient with a service provider who can provide the best clinical outcome.

All patient medical information is shared with the specialist medical provider.

Patient management in South Africa

An appointment is requested for outpatient cases, or hospital admission is requested by the specialist physician and communicated to hospital admissions. An authorisation letter with ICD 10 codes and CPT 4 codes is provided to the hospital, and a bed is allocated. Day to day management of the client’s level of care and length of stay is directed by our managed care principles. Healthshare provides authorisation for all treating service providers.

Patient is discharged to either their home or a hospital in their country of origin.

Billing & auditing

Upon discharge the client’s invoices are sent to Healthshare for auditing and submission to the funder for payment. Account is paid and confirmation sent by client to South African service provider. Healthshare negotiates the best tariffs with their preferred provider network of private hospitals, specialists, pathologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, oncologists, and pharmacies. These savings are passed onto the Healthshare client.

What you can expect to experience when you choose Healthshare’s managed care

At Healthshare we never lose sight of the fact that our patients are people and not numbers. We understand that dealing with a serious illness is hard enough, so we do our very best to make the process of seeking medical care in a foreign country less overwhelming. Healthshare’s managed care manager works closely with the funder, patient and their doctor, ensuring they have access to the right specialist at the most affordable cost. We negotiate all service costs upfront on behalf of our clients, and actively monitor and manage the patient’s level of care and length of stay. When you work through Healthshare, the only thing you need to worry about is getting well again.

Need more Information?

Learn more about how our managed care service can help reduce your healthcare costs through greater beneficiary cost-sharing, controls on inpatient admissions and focused management of the clinical experience.

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