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Healing is an art, medicine is a science, but healthcare is a business

Amr Aboulish, M.D.

The business and long term value of healthcare is something we intrinsically understand. We are a South African based company focused on serving the healthcare sector throughout Africa and the Middle East. Since our inception in 2004, we have worked with a variety of clients from private and public hospitals, clinics, and other specialist facilities, government health ministries, as well as corporate and mining companies. Our qualified medical professionals, and finance and business specialists weave together a comprehensive skill set ensuring your healthcare facility operates at maximum efficiency and achieves optimal value.

We are committed to high ethical practices to improve the lives of patients and their employees, the environment, and the communities they serve.

Our history

Healthshare was founded in 2004 by Dr Tony De Coito. At the time it was an associated company of the Netcare group, and its first contract was the management of three hospitals owned by the 3rd largest gold mining company in Southern Africa. Over the years, Healthshare expanded across Africa and into the Middle East and continues to strive to improve both private and public healthcare services to the benefit of the African population.

What we value

Healthshare is a truly service oriented, client-centric company. Through partnership and collaboration, we empower clients across Africa and the Middle East to meet the growing demand for quality healthcare with lasting value.

Profitability is achieved through efficiency. Our multidisciplinary team works with our clients from the identification of their needs, up to the fulfilment of their healthcare projects, with a focus on well­ planned processes, smart priorities, and agile problem-solving.

No matter the size of the project, our services offer the flexibility needed for a tailor-made solution. We see every client as unique. Our integrated services empower our clients to widen their reach where necessary, drawing from an extended range of Healthshare and partner capabilities to take their project from inception to delivery.

We are committed to improving the business of quality healthcare and how it is delivered to help patients and their families.

We are passionate about the quality of healthcare in Africa and it drives everything we do. We never rest until we’ve determined a strategy that gets our clients the results they want.

Our Healthshare Mission

We enable our customers to deliver quality healthcare that represents global best practise

Our track record

Hospital beds
managed to date

Hospitals managed
over 15 years

Years of cumulative
healthcare service
management experience

Number of countries
in which Healthshare
has operated in
Africa & Middle East

Market feasibility
studies and financial
models conducted

Number of hospitals
Healthshare has
helped turn around


Success rate for
hospital license

Number of hospital
processes conducted

Supporting emerging market opportunity

Meeting the demand for private quality healthcare

Demand for healthcare, particularly private health care, is growing rapidly in emerging markets. Rising and ageing populations, the prevalence of chronic disease, and a growing middle class has increased the demand for private quality, accessible, and scalable healthcare. Healthshare works with both private and public health providers to build, grow, manage, and invest in healthcare facilities and services. We help and support our clients in the delivery of healthcare that is not only clinically and technically viable, but also economically justifiable.

The cost/quality equation

Value in healthcare is measured by what it costs to serve patients. But balancing the cost/quality equation of healthcare can be complicated due to the variable nature of treating patients. We help clients identify, manage, and improve clinical and administrative processes in their care delivery value chain that impact both cost and the delivery of quality health care. More expensive care does not mean better care.

Investing in healthcare

The private sector in many countries is becoming patients’ preferred choice because of greater accessibility, a higher perceived quality of services, improved patient care, and the availability of drugs.

Healthshare helps healthcare providers to develop a bankable hospital business case to attract small-scale to large capital investors and banking finance. Healthshare also provides specialist healthcare advisory services to funds and investors looking to invest in healthcare.

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Learn how Healthshare can help with the clinical design, building, equipping, and management of your healthcare facilities and services.

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