World Heart Day

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World Heart Day


World Heart Day takes place every year on 29 September and is celebrated in an effort to spread awareness around the world about heart diseases and how it could be prevented.

World Heart Day was founded in the year 2000 after it was discovered that heart disease and stoke are the world’s leading causes and claims 17.3 million lives worldwide yearly. The celebrations have a different theme every year which attempts to reflect on key issues and topics relating to heart health. The theme this year is Heart-healthy environments.

Uniting with World Heart Federation members, World Heart Day creates awareness that at least 80% of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease could have been prevented by focusing on the four biggest risk factors. Those risk factors are:

·         Tobacco use

·         Unhealthy diet

·         Physical inactivity

·         Harmful use of alcohol

The actual aim of this day is to improve health globally by encouraging people to adapt their lifestyle in positive ways to better the state of their body. This lesson is becoming increasingly relevant as reports of obesity, poor diet and physical inactivity in children and young people become more and more common.

How will you celebrate World Heart Day this year?

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