Why outsource your medical billing to SAH billing?

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Running a medical facility is no easy feat and having to take care of the billing on top of everything else can turn into a heavy load to carry. Many doctors outsource their medical billing to a professional medical billing or practice management company.

SAH stands for South African Healthcare billing. We ensure that collections from patients and medical schemes are maximized in the interest of your practice. Outsourcing your medical billing to SAH billing provides you with,

  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced rejected claims
  • Better debtor’s collections
  • Improved business cash flow
  • State of the art IT security
  • Saves human resources
  • Reduction in bad debt and write offs

We make it our mission to accommodate your practice and eliminate all obstacles such as incorrect billing and short payments from medical schemes, in regards to medical billing. We reduce bad debt book and practice billing on a daily basis to ensure quicker submission of claims.

All short payments or non-payments are followed up and monitored. We will follow up on patient payments made via a text message and phone calls on your behalf and ensure excellent communication between SAH Billing, your practice and medical schemes.

Benefits of outsourcing your medical billing

Added IT security

Data loss can ruin a business. SAH Billing makes use of “cloud” technology to store your data in a safe manner. With the added security and software, clients can easily log in and have a look at her/his finances or the doctor can make use of the integrated diary.

Get your money faster

Hospitals are often understaffed as it is and multiple employees simply cannot all concentrate on billing. This causes a delay in submitting claims and follow-up calls is inconsistent. With SAH Billing, your claims are submitted faster turning up faster revenue for your business.

Reduction in rejected claims

Appointed staff members sometimes may have a limited understanding of billing and debit control. Many claims are rejected due to mistakes in coding or late admission of accounts. SAH Billing eliminates all these errors, ensuring a smooth billing process.

Saves time and resources

All you need to worry about is taking care of your patients. We shift the burden of medical billing off your shoulders and save you time.

Your staff should not need to be lumbered with medical billing when their attention should rather be on clerical duties and the welfare of the patients. Since we take care of your billing, this frees up valuable resources that will aid you in running your practice.

Contact Healthshare at 012 687 0200 or info@www.healthshare.co.za for more information.

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