Why organic food products aren’t REALLY better for you than regular products

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It’s a commonly held idea that organic food is more nutritious and healthier overall than regular foods. The idea is that, because it is grown in a more natural environment, the nutrients and vitamins are able to develop more fully and provide better and more energy for your body.

However, evidence from tests conducted in a study by Stanford Health Care professionals suggests that there is, in fact, no real difference between the nutritional value in organic as opposed to synthetic and/or aided growth foods.


The studies conducted took into account over 200 data collections, and left the experts somewhat astounded when it was found that the biggest difference that could be notably differentiated was the fact that organic foods were found to contain less residue from pesticides and less contaminants such as growth hormones.


These results come as a result of laws that prohibit organic farms from utilizing artificial pesticides, and that also enforces the supply of grazing pastures for cattle and any other livestock. Some minor results also include evidence that organically raised poultry and fish contain up to 35% more Omega-3 than their counterparts.

Written by Wesley Geyer (Creative Writer – ATKA Online)

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