Why is healthcare so expensive?

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All over the world, there are plans and funding options being set up by governments that aim to help the public cope with rising living costs. One such cost that is notoriously high in most countries is healthcare.


The healthcare sector, especially in developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia, are extremely unstable sectors of their respective economies. Due to the sometimes third world nature of these countries, there us usually very little access to medical aid and private care plans; and whatever is available is usually too expensive for everyone to afford. Because of this, a large percentage of the population (using South Africa as an example) would have to rely on government run institutions and free clinics for their healthcare.


With the rate of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB spreading throughout South Africa as fast as it does, this means that the government run hospitals and clinics need to employ more and more doctors, each of whom went through a long period of studying and interning in order to become a trained professional. These professionals need payment, which is often a very high amount, and whether or not it is deserved, it still has to be paid in order for the healthcare system to remain viable.


Along with the high costs of doctors and specialists, there is still the issue of infrastructure, equipment and research, which costs governmental departments as well as private organizations billions of Rands each year, with the resulting loss being added to costs peddled to the patients.


Knowing that this is the general idea behind the cost of healthcare (however it is by no means the only factor), it would make sense to want your hospitals and clinics, as a general, paying public, to be run in an efficient manner and without hassle and mismanagement. Healthshare and its subsidiaries have been involved in hospital management for many years in South Africa and other regions on the African continent, and have become one of the most successful companies in the field, building up their projects into well rounded institutions that provide quality healthcare.


For more information on what Healthshare has to offer, or for any general enquiries, visit the website, send an e-mail to ecrause@www.healthshare.co.za, or call (012) 661-4181.

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