Why is a healthy lifestyle important for the youth?

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Why is a healthy lifestyle important for the youth?

Young people usually lead more active lives on average than adults because of full school weeks, socializing, extra-mural activities and sports. 

While it is commonly understood that, as a teenager or an adolescent, your metabolism is more active, and that this will allow you to eat and sustain more energy than an adult without any significant health issues or weight gain, there are more significant reasons than just maintaining a healthy weight for young people to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy diet, consisting of a lot of fruits, vegetables, calcium and Vitamin D will not only help maintain a healthy weight (in conjunction with a regular exercise regimen), but it will also promote some of the most significant bone density growth and bone mass in children, while maintaining clear skin and avoiding acne buildup.

Getting healthy amounts of sleep is important during the early years of a person’s life. Healthy eating, exercise and sleep patterns help adolescents and teenagers maintain healthy cognitive function, avoid depression and increase alertness.

Keeping to an optimal sleep and eating schedule (i.e. getting 6-8 hours of sleep and regularly having a balanced breakfast) can improve mental and physical growth and increase activity throughout the day.

Studies have shown that a healthy, active lifestyle that is started in the early years of development and kept through the teenage and young adult years can significantly reduce the risk of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer in later years. An active lifestyle will also help avoid obesity and other weight problems that are associated with health issues.

Written By: Wesley Geyer

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