Why does baldness occur early in some men?

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Why does baldness occur early in some men?

At one point or another, every man will stand in front of a mirror and feel his heart stop for a second, because he will be certain that his hair used to be thicker than it is right now. For some men, this will be true, because male pattern baldness is, as the most common type of hair loss, said to affect around 50% of men. Though it may seem like a lot, it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way or to the same extent, so it may not even be noticeable in some cases, whereas in others it is distinct.


Also known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’, male pattern baldness is caused and affected by a number of different things – from genetics to diet, and from stress to environmental factors and lifestyle. Generally, the risk of losing your hair is proportional to your age, so even though it may occur in rare cases in your teens, you are more likely to lose your hair once you reach your forties and fifties. According to the American Hair Loss Association, by 35, two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss, and by the age of 50, about 85 per cent of men have significantly thinner hair.


Hair loss canalso be triggered by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a breakdown product of the hormone testosterone that causes miniaturization of hair follicles. As the testosterone in your body increased with age, so does the likelihood of your follicles growing tighter and producing thinner, lighter strands of hair.



While there are many things that you could do to try prevent and fix any signs of male pattern baldness, almost half of the hair loss that will occur happens even before it is visible to the naked eye. So far, the only completely effective method of treatment is prevention, since there is no real way of restoring the hair that is already lost, unless you’re willing to get plugs.


Since hair loss of this kind is mostly genetic, it is clearly untrue that the old myth of losing your hair because you wear hats too much doesn’t hold any truth. Men who have the genetic traits of their forefather who have gone bald early in life have a higher chance of doing so themselves, but it is not a guarantee, since a healthy diet, exercise and low levels of stress have been known to affect hormone levels, which in turn affects the production of the particular enzyme that causes the baldness in the first place.


Written by Wesley Geyer

Creative Writer

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