Vitamins reduce cancer risk?

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Every year more and more studies are conducted on the human body; some to find out more about our origins, and others that are committed to finding new ways to improve and prolong our health. One of the most prolific study subjects is the development of a cure for, or the prevention of cancer.


A series of studies that have been conducted over a number of years has indicated that multivitamin supplements may in fact have some effect on cancer and the development thereof in the human body. Study results that were presented at an annual conference held by the American Association for Cancer Research in the third quarter of 2012 has indicated that the development of and mortality from cancer was reduced in the test group (consisting of men over the age of 50, with some preexisting history of cancer) taking a course of multivitamin supplements over an extended period.


After an estimated 12 years of regular use, it was shown that the development of cancer was reduced by around 8%. However, there was no significant difference in mortality due to cancer in trial patients who had taken the multivitamins and those who had been allocated the placebo.


The study found no notable difference in prostate cancer levels, but saw that there may have been a difference in the levels of other types of cancer, including colon, bladder and lung cancer.


In the end, the study was shown to have no solid evidence for the prevention of cancer in these patients, all of whom had previously been cured of at least one form of cancer. The conclusion was then made that, in fact, there is no harm in taking multivitamins every day. Since the supplements do in fact help boost the immune system, and perform various other functions, it was suggested that use should be continued, as some modest benefits, either for cancer prevention or the improvement of general well being could be seen.


There is no substantial proof that cancer is prevented by daily multivitamin consumption, but that doesn’t mean that it might not aid in cancer prevention in any way.

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