To diet or not to diet?

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There are many lose-weight-quick schemes out there. Sadly most of the diets have proved unhealthy and ineffective. Then again, eliminating problem foods such as sugar and oily food is a very effective way of shedding unwanted weight and ultimately achieving optimum health.

How do you choose which diet is best for you? The important thing is to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any diet.

Advantages of dieting

Weight loss: The most noticeable advantage of dieting is of course weight loss. It can be an excellent way to detox your body of all unhealthy toxins and to shed those extra kilos.

Healthier lifestyle: By eliminating foods that tend to have a bad effect on your health, like sugar and too much salt for instance, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. You will gain lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, lowered cholesterol and stress levels.

Improved confidence: Once you’ve reached your ideal weight and achieved your set goals, your confidence and belief in yourself will increase.

Disadvantages of dieting

There are some diets that pose serious health risks since they exclude too many of the vital nutrients your body needs to function properly. This can lead to dehydration, loss of muscle and in some instances your metabolism decreases and you risk gaining weight instead of losing it. High protein diets can cause high cholesterol and kidney failure.

A few types of diets

Restricted Calorie balanced food plans include but aren’t limited to the lemonade diet and cabbage soup diet. It is designed so that the individual eats fewer calories to lose weight but still gain sufficient nutrients.

The Measured portion diet entails eating prescribed portions to eliminate the risk of over eating or eating portions that are too small. This is working around a set number of calories allowed in one day in order to stay healthy.

High-Protein and low carbohydrate diets include all proteins such as meat, fish and eggs however excludes vegetables, fruits and any bread or cereal which devoid the body of a lot of vitamins such as C and E and fibre. The dieter will feel less hungry during the day.

The Fasting diet entails skipping meals in order to drop weight fast. This is never a good option as all you earn yourself is a loss of all nutrients, lowered muscle rate and a slowed metabolism which causes weight gain.

Juicing is a diet that many celebrities have followed and entails only drinking juice of vegetables and fruits for a set amount of time in order to detox your system.

How to diet?

It is always good to follow a healthy diet with exercise. Exercise will help speed the weight loss process, increase your muscle definition, strength and improve your posture amongst other things.

As mentioned before, please consult a professional in order to avoid serious health issues. Only follow diets that have been approved by nutritionists.

Avoid plans with a daily calorie count of lower than 1200 and make sure you consume a bit of every vitamin group, that includes fat, in moderation. Stay clear of weight loss pills or syrups.

Choose a diet that best suits your lifestyle. Don’t punish yourself by eating food you don’t like, sometimes it’s as simple as swopping your French fries for oven baked fries or grilling your chicken instead of frying it.

Ultimately your body will tell you what it needs, don’t ignore it. Eat moderate portions and don’t forget to treat yourself with a small something every now and again, life can’t always be crackers and celery.

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