The Secret to Keeping Fit and Healthy

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exerciseSociety has become increasingly obsessed with physical health and appearance; so much so that it has become ingrained in our heads that the only way to lose weight effectively and immediately is by dieting. However, these quick fix diets and ‘eating programs’ have been proven to be not only ineffective, but also relatively harmful to our bodies.


The key, in this case, is habituation. That is, the ability to turn the goal of weight loss and healthy eating into a routine that eventually becomes second nature.


Yes, shocking your body into losing weight by cutting down your food and overall calorie intake may work more quickly than regular exercise and a gradual move towards healthy eating, but the fact that your body doesn’t have time to get used to the process coupled with the fact that one would usually loosen the plan once a target weight or fitness has been achieved means that there is a high possibility that the situation will just slide back into what it used to be.


Studies have shown that regular and steady exercise, coupled with a moderate responsible diet (eating regular, balanced meals, not eating late at night, etc) is the best way to live a sustained healthy lifestyle. If your exercise program is performed and maintained regularly, it will, after some time, become a force of habit, and you will no longer have to even think about it. The same goes with diet; responsible meal plans and healthy choices (allowing for some light cheating every so often) will become easier as your body becomes accustomed to the food intake, and you learn to experiment with healthy recipes to make the meals more enjoyable.

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