The Phakamisa Sports Drink

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Over the last few years, products such as chocolate bars, energy drinks, breakfast cereals and just about any digestible foodstuff imaginable have been produced and advertised almost faster than we can get used to them. Many of them work, but there are some that have been proven over time to do more harm to our bodies than good.


However, almost a decade ago, Healthshare decided to come up with a product range that would promote healthy living across the board, and that range of products, having stood the test of time, is still as relevant and healthy as ever.


Phakamisa Peak Performance was an idea developed under the Healthshare brand, and has grown since 2002 to become an affordable range of products that can be used to suit your personal needs. The brand offers multi-vitamins, which contain all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function on a day-to-day basis, instant porridge which contains a high percentage of your daily intake requirements, and is suitable for a fast paced lifestyle, a twin-pouch instant meal that is designed for situations where fresh water may not be available, and finally a series of flavoured energy drinks which are suitable for an active lifestyle and gives an instant boost for any sporting activity.


Phakamisa Sports DrinkThe Phakamisa Sports Drink is designed specifically to keep you energized throughout the day, without the added by-products such as fat, fibre and protein (The drink contains absolutely none of these additives, which leaves only the essential energy).


The drink comes in 4 flavours and is distributed in packs of 12, and at a price of R8-00 per bottle, is way below the average for energy drinks on the market.


All of these products are available to order directly from Phakamisa online via the website.


To find out more about the products before ordering, call (012) 687-0213 send an e-mail to

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