Case Studies

Healthshare has benefited its customers through efficiency and quality improvement.
Below are a few examples:

Ministry of Health: Botswana

Reduced the costs of specialised referrals to South Africa by over 60% on a per referral basis. This means that more Botswana Citizens can be referred for medical treatment and specialised medical treatment and it costs the government a lot less.

Gold One Mines, South Africa

Healthshare helped engineer a healthier workforce by:

  1. Detecting and treating disease earlier and have more than doubled the employee numbers on chronic treatment
  2. This lead to far less hospital admissions and case management controlled the number of days and level of care. Hospital in-patient daYs reduced by over 80%
  3. Medical sick days halved to below 1.5% of the workforce
  4. Healthcare cost savings of over 20% were also achieved

Debswana, Diamond mining

A 2 year optimisation project involving Orapa hospital and Jwaneng hospital resulted in a 19% cost improvement and many quality improvements

Sibanye Gold Mine, South Africa

We are on track to achievements of healthcare cost savings of R100 million per annum and engineer a healthier workforce resulting in productivity improvements of another R100 million per annum.

Elkhadra Hospital, Libya

Quality improvements resulting in a reduction of neonatal deaths by 97% (from 40 per month to 1 per month). Successful privatisation of a government hospital.

Hillcrest Private Hospital, South Africa

Healthshare managed the pre-operational phase, commissioning, operational management and later consulting on this contract. This superior 200 bed facility was successfully launched and has received awards for business achievements.


Sir Albert Medical Centre, South Africa

Healthshare achieved cost savings of R2 million per month and Sir Albert Medical Centre whilst under Healthshare management won the ROCCI Community Support Organisation award in 2005. Customer satisfaction increased from 23% to 93%.

Ernest Oppenheimer Hospital, South Africa 

This hospital was transformed from a traditional mine hospital to a private hospital with cost savings of R6 million per month, and a revenue increase of 240%. Patient satisfaction increased from 65% to 93%.

Pharmacy companies, South Africa

Healthshare successfully turned around two pharmacy companies (owning 7 pharmacies) from substantial losses to very significant profits.

Other achievements are obtained on the Healthsare Track Record document available on this website 

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