Staying healthy during the holidays

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exerciseDuring the holiday season, we are all prone to eating too much, and the level of activity in general seems to slow down significantly to include more parties and meals than exercise routines and gym visits. After all, the holidays are meant to be spent relaxing with friends and family, not tiring yourself out at the gym.


The thing is, after all of this is done, and we have gotten back into the swing of the new year, everyone tends to complain about how lazy they were during the holiday season, and how it could have been avoided if they had just stuck to their routine.


Exercising and staying healthy during the holidays shouldn’t take up as much of your time as you would think, as just a few minutes of exercise today will help you not only avoid gaining weight and stepping outside of your routine, but you will also feel healthier overall (both through exercising and eating a balanced, relatively healthy diet) going into the party season.


Healthy eating during the holidays is not something that is on the top of anyone’s list, but that doesn’t mean that al notions of health should be thrown out the window. Balanced portions, healthy side dishes and breaks between meals will help manage the entirety of the food intake, while still allowing you to relax and enjoy the time you spend with your family.

Written by: Wesley Geyer
Creative Writer for ATKA SA
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