Why spreading health awareness is important

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Running a healthcare establishment is busy work; however community health awareness initiatives should not be brushed off. Healthshare can help by customising a healthy living project to fit the needs of both the clients and communities.

In order to create health awareness, it is important to understand what it entails. It is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health. This essentially means to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The community needs to realise a desire to satisfy needs and to adapt to the environment.

Some of the aspects Healthshare focuses on:

  • Nutritional Products

Nutritional supplements provide support to the immune system and boosts energy. Supplements replace the lack of nutritional content in a diet. Healthshare provides Nutritional Products to communities and informs them on how and why to use it.

  • Diet Clinics – Weight-loss programmes

A healthy diet and weight is essential in keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Many communities are unaware of or do not have access to a decent variety of healthy foods. Healthshare upgrades and assists diet clinics who in turn assist the community in diet and weight-loss programmes.

  • HIV/AIDS and TB Disease Management

Having HIV/AIDS and TB is not a hopeless, untreatable situation. Healthshare arranges initiatives that raise awareness around these diseases. Informing and assisting communities in the latest treatments will spread hope and positivity.

The benefits of an informed community:

Healthier eating and regular exercise increases health and productivity. There is also a decrease in absences in the workplace which in turn boosts the economy.

Water makes up a massive part in a healthy diet so access to clean water is cardinal. Awareness of hygiene and water sanitation lowers the risk of spreading diseases throughout the community drastically.

Awareness of a healthier diet and regular exercise lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems and high bloodpressure. This lessens the need for regular doctor’s appointments and medical treatments which in turn lowers a person’s financial pressure.

A healthier lifestyle and environment increases general optimism and contentment.

Healthshare’s involvement in the world-renowned Lesedi-Lechabile project, which focuses on decreasing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, was a big success. Let Healthshare organise your next health awareness initiative and observe a visible change in your community. Contact us today.    







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