What is the significance of healthy lifestyle awareness month?

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What is the significance of healthy lifestyle awareness month

Healthy lifestyle awareness month is celebrated annually in February each year in South Africa. It is a whole month program to educate the country on healthy living, physical activity and wellness – mental and physical.

It is a fact that in order to prevent diseases, curb the elements of stress and enhance overall wellbeing a healthy lifestyle is mandatory. However, the current living in all parts of the world is so high paced and overly pressurized that finding time for you is almost near to impossible. In order to find ways to a healthy balanced life this month is celebrated with an entire focus on health and wellbeing.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

It is important to know and educate yourself about the basics of healthy lifestyle. Many products and organizations claim to possess the knowledge and ability to provide you with a healthy lifestyle but the fact is that these expensive services or products cannot be relied upon. They are merely more commercial than helpful. This is why one must know what exactly a healthy lifestyle is.

  • Some of the important essentials of a healthy lifestyle are the following:
  • Healthy, nutritious diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoidance of toxins and stimulants like cigarettes or alcohol
  • Sound sleep
  • Regular check ups


A lot of people get scared when they see the long list of “what should be done” to stay healthy that they decide to avoid it. However, you can start off by inculcating each point gradually in your life rather than strictly following all. Healthy Lifestyle Awareness month is celebrated to enable people to focus on their healthy lifestyle activities and all the points which are missing from their lives.

What to do during Healthy lifestyle awareness month?

This month requires a transformation- which do not have to be radical, in your lifestyle. It is important to plan out what your body requires for a healthy lifestyle and how to successfully incorporate good habits in your life.

First of all you must eat well. A diet that is made of vegetables, lean protein and also includes water is necessary. Avoiding processed or packaged foods is necessary and inculcating freshness in your lifestyle is what you must educate yourself towards. Start off this month with all the fresh ingredients such as rice, beans or lentils. Cook mouth savoring fresh foods throughout the month and watch how they grow on you.

Secondly, a good diet must always be accompanied with good exercising habits no matter which age group you belong to. Taking short walks and inculcating light exercises in your life or joining the aerobics class, dancing class instead of sitting and wasting hours watching TV can be very helpful for your body and mind. Your time is precious and so is your health.

Thirdly, getting regular checkups and visiting doctors, dentists is always a good way to keep a check on your body. These can help you detect problems pretty early and enable a quicker treatment. Celebrate this month by taking up appointments and getting the necessary checkups in order to find out the details about your precious body.

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