Why a healthy lifestyle is vital in the Mining Industry

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Working in the mines consists of long hours of hard labour and requires miners to be at the top of their physical game. It is not a matter of simply getting a job as a miner; you have to be healthy, fit and able to withstand the harsh conditions that go along with being underground.

Mining is a great responsibility which collapses if someone underperforms or causes an accident due to poor health and weakness. Said accident can affect the other miners as well and turn into a major catastrophe.

As with any other job, poor health encourages low productivity which simply cannot be tolerated. Just picture the ramifications of low productivity in the mines. The mining industry makes up a large chunk of our income.

Mining entails a lot of physical labour which requires strength, endurance and stamina. Miners who exercise regularly are able to handle the tough conditions without fading.  If miners aren’t able to withstand the long, gruelling hours, there is a good chance of collapsing and again causing a major accident.

Teamwork is synonymous with mining, meaning everyone should be at their best level in order to support one another. If one fades, it affects everyone and morale plays a big role in the darkness beneath.

It comes as no surprise that miners are exposed to harsh conditions which can cause damage to their health and open the door to diseases such as Tuberculosis. It is important that miners eat healthy and go for regular medical check-ups in order to build their “internal defence” systems up to fight against diseases.

Consuming a healthy balance of required vitamins and minerals will provide mWieliczka_salt_mine_old_corridor_mineiners with that surge of energy required to survive down under.

Tips for miners to stay in top form:

Miners should exercise regularly and work on both strength and stamina training.

They should eat a healthy diet consisting of all vitamins and minerals required to keep a healthy constitution.

Go for regular check-up at the doctor to ensure they are fit to work in such harsh conditions.

Get enough sleep in order to stay alert when on the job.

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