Phakamisa: Super Rugby Energy!

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For all sports minded individuals, energy and fitness are vital components of any day. A healthy diet and the correct balance of energy supplements is essential for training and fitness programs and play a role in the techniques of all prominent athletes.


With the Super 15 rugby well on its way, rugby players will be getting into gear with high protein diets, which have been designed by professional nutritionists to aid muscle building and endurance training.


The average professional player will consume around 300g of protein, which helps rebuild damaged muscle tissue after every work out (muscle gets damaged during any workout, and high protein intake helps speed up regeneration).


Meals should be taken on average 6-8 times a day. This plan works best because eating as little as possible leaves us hungry, and this causes our fat storing centers to become active.


Energy drinks are also vital for players, especially during game and training time. The energy intake from drinks such as the Phakamisa range gives a boost, especially towards the end of the game or workout session.


Phakamisa Sports DrinksThe Phakamisa Sports Drink is designed specifically to keep you energized throughout the day, without the added by-products such as fat, fibre and protein (The drink contains absolutely none of these additives, which leaves only the essential energy).

The drink comes in 4 flavours and is distributed in packs of 12, and at a price of R8-00 per bottle, is way below the average for energy drinks on the market.

All of these products are available to order directly from Phakamisa online via the website.

To find out more about the products before ordering, call (012) 687-0213 send an e-mail to



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