Healthshare’s target market is Africa.images

Our target market is Africa – Healthshare’s primary target markets are in Africa and developing countries. Healthshare has a history of many success stories ranging from South Africa in the South to Libya in the North.

Examples of successes include the following:

1. Ernest Oppenheimer Hospital

(Full Management of this 700 bed hospital in Welkom, Free State, South Africa). The hospital was transformed from a traditional mine hospital to a private hospital. This transformation process included outsourcing of certain medical services, process re-engineering to cater for private patients, upgrading of facilities and equipment, and improved marketing and branding.

The highly successful outcomes included a 240% increase in revenue, a high number of private patients (46% private and 54% mine patients), much higher customer service ratings (quality improvement) with patient satisfaction increasing from 65% to 93% and at the same time affecting cost savings of more than R6 million per month.


2. Sir Albert Medical  Centre

(176 bed hospital, Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa). This was a very similar change management challenge to the Ernest
Oppenheimer Hospital which included process re-engineering, upgrading and equipping , branding, improvement of customer service ratings (from 73% to 93%), cost savings of (R2 million per month) as well as COHSASA accreditation and incorporating Evander Hospital as a referring hospital and optimising the referral process.