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Healthshare Health Solutions is proud to have played a role in the successful separation of conjoined twins, Uwenzile and Uyihlelile Shilongonyane, earlier this year.

Bongekile, 20 year old mother of conjoined twin girls, Uwenzile and Uyihlelile Shilongonyane, had something far greater to celebrate than her 20th birthday.

Robert Jordaan, general manager at Netcare Unitas, the doctors and nurses promised Bongekile that she would hold her formerly conjoined twins for the very first time on her 20th birthday on 2 February and they’ve made good on their promise.

The Swaziland Government’s Phalala Fund funded the twins’ medical care. Dr Tony de Coito, managing director of Healthshare Health Solutions, which administers the fund for the Swaziland Ministry of Health, said they were delighted that the procedure went well.

The biggest challenge the team faced was finding a way to intubate the twins for anaesthesia seeing as they were joined in such a way that they were facing one another. Paediatric surgeons, Dr Mariza de Villiers and Dr Paul Stevens, led the surgical team, along with a team of anaesthesiologists and eleven nursing professionals.

“We are thrilled that the twins are making good progress, but having been born prematurely and undergone a major surgery, they still have a long road to go to full recovery. We are pleased that we were able to assist the family and find them such outstanding medical care in South Africa,” Dr De Coito stated in an interview conducted earlier this year.

In an interview conducted by YOU, Bongekile admitted that she was scared for her babies. She had delivered by Caesarean section twice and knew how painful and difficult surgery could be.

The Shilongonyane twins are the second set of conjoined twins that Drs De Villiers and Stevens separated. The paediatric surgeons were assisted by Dr Francisca Van Der Schyff and Dr Kagiso Batka. The procedure took little over 6 hours and the team couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results.

“We wish to acknowledge and take pride as a nation in the excellent work and high level of competence by the Unitas Hospital doctors and the their medical team during the critical six-hour operation of separating the twins who were joined at the lower abdomen. We congratulate most heartily the hospital management and the entire medical team and support staff that participated in this operation. They have done the country proud,” President Zuma – The Presidency Republic of South Africa.

Mbongeni Shilongonyane, Bongekile Simelane holding their baby girls Uwenzile and Uyihlelile

Sister Teresa Naidoo Healthshare Health Solutions Case Manager – Kingdom of Swaziland


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