Losing weight through sustained exercise

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Exercise is something that most of us do not take lightly. Everyone wants to stay in shape, but there seems to be very few methods that are easy enough for everyone to commit to and do regularly. There are also way too many exercise programs out there that are focused on building and toning muscles.

However, building muscle, since it is denser than fat, will make it seem as if no weight is being lost, and in some cases may even lead to slight gains. This is why it is important to be able to recognize the difference between a sculpting exercise and a calorie burning exercise (sure, any type of exercise will burn calories more than sitting around doing nothing, but for those whose goal is reaching a certain weight instead of size, some exercises and programs can be left out).

Running is a great way to consistently burn calories and lose weight while getting fit and detoxing at the same time. For beginners, it is recommended that you start out jogging for around 20 minutes every day, just to ease into the routine, to get your breathing tuned, etc. Once you have gotten over that hump, the easiest way to burn calories is to change up your pace regularly. Do short bursts at different speeds, for example, 10 minutes of easy jogging into a flat sprint for 5 minutes, then settle into a walk. By doing this you will increase your heart rate and metabolism effectively.

Targeting specific areas is also a good way of cutting weight, although it may take a bit longer (with a balanced exercise regimen, you will be able to see relatively immediate results).

Sit-ups and crunches are the most effective way of targeting core muscles and getting your mid-section toned down and strengthened. While having a strengthened core may not be everyones first priority when losing weight, but it goes a long way towards helping you maintain balance and strength during a cardio-burning exercise. Wedge your ankles into a comfortable position, either level with your back, or above for a more intensive workout, and use only your core muscles to pull your upper body towards your knees, touching your elbows to each knee to complete a singe rep. By straining the core muscles, they body will in turn start to burn the surrounding fat reserves in order to maintain the efficiency of the exercise.

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