Katie Prager Dies: A true life story based on Fault in our Stars

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Every girl, and perhaps man, will admit to having cried when watching the heart tearing Fault in Our Stars. At the end we wiped down our tears and applauded the scriptwriter, actors and author of the book. Done, story has ended. However, we recently came across the story of the true life ‘Fault in Our Stars’ couple who recently died.

What the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ is about

Fault in Our Stars, written by John Green, is about a 16 year old girl, Hazel, who suffers from cancer. When she reluctantly joins a support group, she meets the charming Augustus who had osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He’s recently been cleared. Long story short, the two teens fall into a hopelessly star crossed relationship where at the end Augustus dies.

The real story

Katie suffered from cystic fibrosis causing her lungs to lack proper functioning, quite like Hazel. While Hazel and Augustus met in a support group, Katie found support in a different way, on Facebook. Katie and Dalton met on Facebook in 2009 when both of them were 18.

She noticed a picture of him in the hospital and commented; “If you ever need a friend to talk to, you can reach out to me”. The two started chatting.

Soon, they realised they were falling in love. Dalton suffered from an infection called Burkholderia Cepacia, which can be deadly for people with cystic fibrosis. Katie’s doctor warned her against pursuing in type of relationship.

Going against her doctor’s warnings, she and Dalton arranged to meet at the Dairy Queen on August 28, 2009. He drove 6 hours and of course, it was love at first sight when their eyes first met. All seemed well.

Things took a turn for the worse

Dalton gave Katie a necklace for her 19th birthday. Katie caught Dalton’s Burkholderia cepacia infection almost instantly. Despite the infections, they got married less than two years later. They even bought a house. Katie told CNN that those years were “like something out of a fairy tale”.

In 2014, both Katie and Dalton entered the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and patiently started the wait for new lungs. Dalton’s transplant came first in November 17. In July 2015, Katie got her transplant as well.

While Dalton’s transplant seemed to have gone well, he later developed lymphoma. Katie was in and out of hospital after her transplant. It was just this year when she got the news that there was nothing more they could do. She entered hospice care in Kentucky.

The family dreamed to reunite Dalton, who was at Missouri during this time, and Katie who were at her last. Dalton was never declared healthy enough to make the trip and he died in St Louis hospital.

Katie told CNN that she didn’t have any regrets about their decision to meet in person. It was their time together that stood out for her, made her happy.

They saw each other for the last time on July 16, their fifth wedding anniversary. No one could imagine that their love story would get to play out for years yet no one saw the fairy tale ending so soon and so tragically.

Katie died last month and just before she died, she said that if they had gotten the chance to write a book, it would have been a bestseller.


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