Issues affecting women in the workplace

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Issues affecting woman in the workplace

There has always been a difference between the sexes when it comes to the way they are perceived by the society. In fact, there are multiple workplace challenges for women just because of their sex, and nothing else, and because of that it can be really hard to stand out and just be a better employee when you are under constant pressure.

Women can have stellar careers and work in great places, but the reality is that they usually have to face multiple problems, and one of the major ones is definitely discrimination. Working women and issues in the workplace have been around for a very long time, but discrimination has always been there as well. Women can’t be seen that much in politics or in managerial positions mainly because they aren’t thought of as leaders, instead many see them as those who obey to the rules.

However, in the last few decades, society has started changing the role of a woman from a house caring and child-raising person to a professional, career-targeted one.

These changes did bring some repercussions though, and because of that it’s much harder for people to deal with them. For example, nowadays it’s much harder to take care of a child because the woman is also targeted towards raising the money for the family, much like the father does.

And as if that wasn’t enough, women tend to get much less pay than a male, even though they bring the same amount of effort into the mix. This is a heartbreaking thing to do considering the large amount of work, but these are basically things that have been happening for thousands of years now, so they aren’t new at all. Women in the workplace always have to deal with problems such as disrespect and less probability of getting a raise. This does affect the morality and productivity of a woman however, but in the end each field of work has a different set of rules that any person needs to obey.

Some of these are much more restrictive than others, but when it comes to law, science, politics and business, most of them are usually biased against women.

The structural barriers and discrimination when it comes to women at the workplace does start to wear off, but nowadays the line between men and women at the workplace tend to become more and more blurry, which is great. Even so, there are numerous fields of work where women just feel disrespected by their employers. The main solution here would be that the society should open up and change some of the restrictive rules, because in the end we are all people living on this earth, so we do need to make our lives feel better, and not miserable!

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