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Healthshare strives to provide clinic services of top standard ensuring that all patients receive quality care at a lowered cost. Clinics are vital to ensure healthier communities and to provide medical care to those living in areas with little or no medical resources to aid them. Healthshare will help set up and run these clinics smoothly.

Satellite clinic:

A satellite clinic is a facility where patients are admitted for treatment and special study by a group of healthcare professionals. The satellite healthcare facility has taken on greater importance, driven both by the demand of convenience by more empowered patient, as well as the introduction of technology that allows for wider and immediate dissemination of information.

Primary Healthcare:

Primary healthcare aims to provide better health services to all patients regardless of colour, race or age. Healthshare provides essential healthcare based on scientifically and socially acceptable methods and technology.

Comprehensive Clinic:

Healthshare focuses on providing a comprehensive clinic equipped with fully trained physicians, nurses and specialists to fit the needs of all patients. All of the staff will work together to ensure that both patients and families get all the resources they need in order to be comfortable and healthy.

Fixed & Mobile Clinics:

There are many people suffering in poor communities due to a lack of money and transport to receive proper medical care. Healthshare will set up mobile clinics that make medical care easily accessible to the poor. Professionals will deal with the immediate health problems of the community.

Their mobile clinics will also educate the community on preventative measures and diseases. Healthshare also sets up fixed clinics where patients can receive medical assistance by skilled practitioners.

Specialised Clinics:

Specialised clinics are clinics that focus on the treatment of a specific disease or problem. Healthshare ensures that all the specialised clinics are equipped with staff and resources in order to treat specific diseases and problems like TB and Wellness clinics.

Electronic Hospital Records:

This system cancels out all paperwork that can cause grievous errors because of mixed up or misplaced paperwork. Electronic hospital records enable quick access to patient records and promote legible and accurate documentation. Healthshare will set up an electronic hospital record keeping system with enhanced privacy settings so that doctors can securely share electronic information about other patients.

Quality audits have enabled continuous improvement of these services. This had been augmented by frequent customer surveys and formal meetings with both employer and employee representatives.

Healthshare’s clinics serve mainly the mining industry and they are confident that their prices in this area will remain very competitive.

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