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What Employers Can Do To Alleviate Poor Health At Work


Lack of productivity among employees is often associated with ill health in the workplace and looking at the consequences, it comes as no surprise that more global brands are starting to recognize the impact that workplace health and wellness can have on productivity.

Looking at the high rate of obesity in the country, one has to wonder if this is the case for companies in South Africa.

A study conducted by the [1]Institute for Health Metrics revealed that obesity among South Africans is on the increase.

Another study by [2]Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that a huge number of South Africans are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and cancer. It also found that young adults in their twenties are at a high risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

[3]Augment HR defines corporate wellness as the encouragement of healthy activities and a healthy lifestyle in the corporate environment. This is put forward as a means to reduce ailments in employees, mental and physical stress, and overall costs resulting from the sick day. Examples include the implementation of corporate wellness programs, individual sessions with wellness coaches, etc.

Given that people spend most of their days in the office, prioritizing corporate wellness should not even be a question. Focusing on wellness means a happier, healthier environment in your company.

[4]Benefits Pro offers the following reasons why companies need wellness programs:

  • Employee health affects organizational health: Employee wellbeing is critical to workplace health. A company with employees that are cared for and supported emotionally, physically and mentally can expect productivity.
  • It creates better results: A healthy working environment promotes creativity in employees.
  • Wellness and business strategy aligns: Corporate wellness is inarguably one of your company’s best assets. The healthier your employees are, the more successful your business will be.

According to [5]Everyday Health, implementing corporate wellness programs in your company can result in significant changes in the following areas:

-Reduced Hospital Admissions
-Weight Loss
-Quitting Smoking

If you’re still trying to find the right way to start a wellness program in your company, [6]Benefit News provides the following tips:

  • Customize a strategy for your workplace
  • Offer incentives to get employees to participate
  • Influence the workplace
  • Communicate your program (e.g. using digital channels)
  • Evaluate results and solicit input

Companies with good wellness programs prove the organization’s concern for their employees thus encouraging them to work harder and more efficiently.

It is clear that a corporate wellness program can bring multiple benefits to both small and large corporate businesses. As the world observes Corporate Wellness Week – if your company has not yet jumped on the bandwagon, perhaps it is time for you to also look into prioritizing corporate health.

Remember, implementing this program doesn’t necessarily need a major investment. You can also start small! A healthy employee is a focused, high performing employee!









Healthshare’s top tips to surviving the back-to- work January blues

back-to-work January blues

Few things can match the disappointment of having to return to work or school after a fantastic holiday. Healthshare, however, is already hard at work and we’ve come up with a short survival guide to help you through that back-to-work blues.

Leverage the positives

If you’ve gone away for the holidays, you’ll be well rested and your mind will have had time to refresh. Leverage off the renewed energy and use it to start the year productively and organised. The first two weeks or so of January are usually quiet ones so use it to get ahead with some of your tasks.

Pack a healthy lunch

If you’ve set New Year’s resolutions, eating right might be on your list. If so, keep that resolution and pack yourself a healthy and nutritious lunch. In January, money’s usually on the low side so packing your own lunch can be more cost effective.

Sort out your emails and plan ahead

Use the downtime to sort through your emails, schedule and plan ahead for a couple of weeks or months. Accept that you probably won’t want to do a lot of work during this time, that’s okay. Don’t force yourself to immediately fall back into the groove, it doesn’t come as naturally for everyone.

Get a good night’s rest

Be sure to enjoy the last day before you return to work and get a good night’s rest. Try and do something really fun on the last day of your holiday in order to help you forget about your back-to-work blues. Once you’ve returned to work, don’t push yourself too hard. You don’t want to burn out to quickly so be sure to get a good night’s rest every night of the week.

Make it fun for yourself

Listen to some music, add a special treat to your lunchbox or find another way to make going back to work fun for yourself. Going back to work needn’t be such a drag. Catch up with your colleagues but be sure to cut the festive talks after lunch time at latest. Bringing up the holidays too often is just going to bring back your back-to-work blues.

Now you’re equipped with a few essential tips to survive your back-to-work blues. Can you add to this list? Join the conversation on social media and share your personal tips on getting through the first few weeks of returning to work.

The secret life of nurses in South Africa


It comes as no surprise that nurses are the backbone of the medical industry. While doctors do noble work, nurses sustain it. Whether it’s holding patients’ hands during times of fear, inoculating children or cleaning up after a patient has been discharged, one could argue that they do the most important work of all.

Approximately 133 127 professional nurses are registered with the SA Nursing Council nationally, however, only about 68 105 actually work in public health causing a severe lack of nursing staff in hospitals.

The obvious solution would be to outsource the work.  R1.5 billion was spent on hiring agency nursing staff to help with the staff shortages between 2005 and 2010. However, hospital managers reported that the care provided were not on par with that of employees that have been working at the hospital for months or years. They proved uncooperative and forged poor relationships with doctors.

The reality

  • In a survey conducted of over 3 700 nurses – health-E News:
  • Over four in ten (43.7%) are older than 50.
  • 28% reported that they freelance with 70% admitting that they freelance in order to earn more money.
  • More than half of them confessed to being “too-tired to work” with almost a third planing to quit their jobs within a year.
  • Younger women and gentlemen are less motivated to become a nurse.

How to motivate your nursing staff

  • Superiors and doctors should treat the nursing staff with respect and dignity.
  • Create a motivating working environment by setting staff goals and rewards. This is the basic form of motivation in any workplace.
  • Acknowledge your nursing staff. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way in making a nurse feel appreciated.
  • Involve nurses in leadership roles. Give your nursing staff the opportunity to show their leadership skills. This can be achieved in various ways. For example, assign nurses to present educational presentations on nursing procedures, bedside manner and more.
  • Ask for staff feedback regularly.
  • Encourage further learning. The medical industry is forever evolving and consequently leaders should encourage nurses and other staff members to keep themselves up to date with the latest medical trends.
  • Evaluate your staff’s working conditions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Encourage nurses to critique and evaluate their own work. Identifying their own strengths and weaknesses will increase motivation and confidence.

Healthshare Health Solutions – Hospital Management service

The Healthshare team has extensive experience in delivering services for advanced hospital management. The services include all the aspects that a hospital requires to function at its optimal level for quality healthcare. The Healthshare service can be customized for anything from total integrated hospital management to selected aspects of the facility. If you are interested, contact us for more details.

African Cancer Center’s development in Lagos


Healthshare Health Solutions to assist with The African Cancer Center’s development in Lagos


Healthshare Health Solutions was awarded the contract for phase 1 of the African Cancer Center’s pre-construction development during an ACC Board meeting on 11 January 2017 in Nigeria.

Tony and Frank attended the meeting on behalf of Healthshare in Nigeria where they were awarded the contract to assist with and manage the construction of the African Cancer Center.

The African Cancer Center is set to be the first comprehensive cancer centre in sub-Saharan Africa and will be situated in Lagos.

This program is aligned with everything Healthshare Health Solutions stands for and we are looking forward to being a part of this inspiring project.

Sitting left to right: Mr Sola Macgregor; Dr. Yemisi Kuforiji; Frank Sullivan; Mr Adekunle Olumide (Chairman) ; Prof. Femi Williams; General Ike Nwachukwu; Mr Bode Emanuel; Obiora Osokolo Standing left to right: ?? Mr Kunle Adebajo; Dr Tony De Coito; Ms Salihat Rahman;Mr KOA, Mr Obiora Osokolo

How to encourage healthy habits in the workplace


It would suffice to say that employees are vital in keeping a business running. You can have the partners and owners but without people doing the actual work, well, there is no company. Now that we have sufficiently driven through the importance of employees, let’s discuss how we can keep those employees on the job, healthy and happy.

Changing and sticking to healthy habits is a difficult adjustment for anyone not used to it. However, changing to a healthier lifestyle of regular exercise and vegetables will keep employees from getting sick so often.

By encouraging healthier habits in the work place you are not only benefitting your business and turnover but employees will also benefit in that they won’t spend as much of their salary on medical bills.

Healthshare supports healthy living in the work place and we have therefore decided to share our top tips to encouraging healthier habits in the work place.

  1. Tackle the cafeteria

The cafeteria and or vending machines can be a huge contributor to an unhealthy diet. Get rid of vending machines stocking sodas and candy bars and replace them with cereal bars and a water cooler.

Take a good look at the type of food you are serving in the cafeteria. You do not have to necessarily swop everything for carrot sticks and beetroot. The adjustments can be as simple as changing the fried chicken nuggets to grilled chicken and fish. Swop French fries for baked potatoes. Make the changes gradually and be sure to keep your staff’s suggestions in mind, you do not want to risk alienating them.

Serve fresh organic produce and make the food look attractive. Your employees should want to enjoy it, make it look ten times better than the average cheese burger.

  1. Get your employees excited about exercise

How, you ask, do you do that? Simple, by igniting a healthy competition. Get teams together, say different departments, and hold a baseball, football, basketball or rugby match. There is nothing like a competition to get people roused. Just set a prize of course, like a trophy and the winning team gets to keep it until the next match. Throw in a half day for the MVP.

This will not only encourage exercise but team work as well. Have your staff train maybe once a week or so but remember to keep it fun and keep the energy and enthusiasm up. You want to convince your staff that it is vital you win. They’ll get into it, just watch.

  1. Take meetings outdoors

This may sound completely zen and we don’t expect you to loosen your tie and remove your socks and shoes. Simply hold your weekly staff meetings outside. The fresh air will clear everyone’s minds and inspire. Take a walk as you are brainstorming ideas. Your employees will be too happy to stretch their legs and backs after sitting in the office for hours.

  1. Be pre-emptive

The best cure for an illness is prevention. Have your employees undergo a medical test every once in a while, only do not force this on anyone or make any staff member feel uncomfortable. Consider bringing in flu vaccinations during flu season. If the flu can be avoided then you will avoid missing employees for a week or worse.

  1. Be an example

All of these ideas sound great in theory but it is important that, being the leader, you actively participate. Be an example to your team and join football practice and swop your pizza for a salad. If your employees get a whiff that you aren’t participating then why on earth should they? It will make them feel as if you are merely dictating instead of helping.


We have developed our own nutritional product range, perfect for working people on the go. The Phakamisa range stocks vitamins, power bars, rusks and other healthy snacks. If you are interested in ordering for your business, click here.