Malaria Awareness week

It’s Malaria Awareness week! So what is a better way to raise awareness than going back to the basics and explaining every element of Malaria? Malaria is caused by a parasite that enters a certain type of mosquito that feeds on humans. It is a disease that if not diagnosed or treated properly can be

How To Stay Healthy When Seasons Change

As we begin to transition from winter into the warmer temperatures of spring, we find ourselves shifting gears and coming back into more structured routines. Winter chills may have caused you to let go of your active lifestyle and instead settle for lazing around the house, watching more TV than you should, and making unhealthy

Traditional Medicine vs Modern Medicine

Although modern medicine is one of the largest industries in the world, it is hard to ignore the fact that the use of herbal remedies and traditional medicine continues to be on the rise in Africa. In a report conducted by the World Health Organization Africa[1] it indicated that 80% of Africa’s societies entrust on traditional

Top Foods To Eat For Better Skin

Most of us are aware that diet and nutrition helps us live and maintain healthy lifestyles and most importantly, to avoid chronic diseases. It should therefore come as no surprise that the key to flawless skin begins with the food choices you make every day. Everywhere we look, famous beauty brands are launching and pushing product after product on us, many of

How to take care of your your health in winter

Health issues such as colds, joint pain, and dry skin can be worsened by the cold weather. Help keep yourself and your family healthy through winter by using these tips.

All You Need To Know About Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a public health threat that affects millions of people across the globe. Although it is usually caused by a viral infection, there are other common causes – there is autoimmune hepatitis and one that occurs as a result of medication, drugs and alcohol.   A recent study by The [1]Lancet reveals that 1.45

What Employers Can Do To Alleviate Poor Health At Work

Lack of productivity among employees is often associated with ill health in the workplace and looking at the consequences, it comes as no surprise that more global brands are starting to recognize the impact that workplace health and wellness can have on productivity. Looking at the high rate of obesity in the country, one has

Almost A to Z – Our top fruit picks

Winter is around the corner, thus it’s time to prepare our immune systems accordingly. Vitamin C is probably the one vitamin that’s most frequently mentioned during winter but you require all vital vitamins and minerals to build up your immune system. Fruit aka nature’s candy, is the most delicious and nutritious way to consume vitamins.

How Much Do You Know About Lupus?

Welcome To Lupus Awareness Month! May is celebrated worldwide in commemoration of people living with Lupus and also raises public awareness about the disease. Join us and let’s be in support of those fighting against this wicked illness and put on a PURPLE color this month. According to Lupus Foundation statistics, it is estimated that

Secondhand Smoke Continues To Kill Innocent Souls – STOP SMOKING!

Did you know that about 860 000 people die each year as a result of being exposed to second hand smoke? It’s a worrying fact and we at, Healthshare believe that if one person can quit smoking each day, potential lives can be saved: that of a smoker and non smoker. Let it start with