The impact of low productivity in the mines on our Economy

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The British did not wage war against us to take control of our natural resources and ample supply of gold for trivial reasons. The mining industry, especially the gold, is what drives our economy; it is what keeps the money coming in.

Our natural resources which leave many other countries green with envy simply prove the important role productivity plays in the mines. Should the workers go on strike, production ceases completely which subsequently affects the cost of natural resources and both local and foreign investments on the JSE.

Interesting Statistics: Top 7 World gold producing countries 2014-2015 (Tonnes)

Rank Country 2014 Estimates 2015 Change in %
1 China 450 490 8,89%
2 Australia 274 300 9,49%
3 Russia 247 242 -2,02%
4 United States 210 200 -4,76%
5 Canada 152 150 -1, 32%
6 Peru 140 150 7,14%
7 South Africa 152 140 -7,89%

Source: MineWeb


World Top gold miners 2014-2015 (million ounces)

Rank Company 2014 2015 Change in %
1 Barrick Gold 6,5 6,12 -5,8%
2 Newmont 4,8 5 4,2%
3 AngloGold Ashanti 4,4 3,95 -10,2%
4 Goldcorp 2,87 3,46 20,6%
5 Kinross Gold 2,71 2,59 -4,4%
6 Newcrest Mining 2,33 2,49 6,9%
7 Gold Fields 2,22 2,16 -2,7%

Source: MineWeb


Low productivity goes along with low exporting and if South Africa cannot export enough resources, our country receives payment in the same meagre fashion. If our government cannot generate enough income, what happens next? Inflation hikes and personal income tax and all other forms of tax take on a whole new high in order to make up the lack of income.

Ongoing strikes or regular accidents occurring due to lack of safety precautions and productivity, hurts our image and trust in the eyes of foreign investors. Healthshare can help increase productivity in the mines and reduce accidents by applying a few clever solutions in the mining healthcare system.

Our experts at Healthshare can assist you in lowering your Health Care and Hospital expenditure. Have fewer sick shifts and save up to 20% of your total annual healthcare spend.

We do the following for you:

  • Increase productivity in the mining industry due to improved healthcare provision.
  • Reduce medical absenteeism.
  • We improve the quality of healthcare systems and health outcomes.

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