How to pack a lunch that will make your co-workers jealous

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Many people
live busy lives, juggling both work and home life. More often than not, packing
a lunch becomes a chore and we end up buying something from the fast food shop
or skipping lunch altogether.

It saves money

and restaurant food is a lot more expensive than buying food at your local
supermarket. Say you only spend R25 every day on a takeaway, five days a week.
That amounts to R125 a week and R500 in a four week month. Don’t forget the
petrol money you spend when having to go somewhere for lunch.

It is healthier

We all know
how unhealthy takeaways are. If you pack a lunch, making a big bowl of chicken
salad for the week ahead sounds a lot more appealing than making a hamburger
every morning. You will be encouraged to eat healthier.

Controlled, smaller portions

If you pack
a lunch, you don’t pack some fries and onion rings with it like it’s being
served at restaurants. The smaller portions in your packed lunch will aid you
in your weight loss endeavours and will ultimately lead to a healthier

Believe it or not, it saves you time

You only get
one hour for lunch a day. Imagine you have to drive all the way in peak lunch
hour traffic just to get food and then rush back and gobble it all down before
your boss reprimands you. With a packed lunch, you can just take it out and eat
it at a leisurely pace, maybe read a few pages of your book.

If you’d
like to reap these benefits, follow these tips and you will end up thanking us
for it.

Leftovers doesn’t have to boring

When you
make dinner, make extra and pack some for lunch the next day. Just keep
expiratory dates in mind. Find creative ways to zhoosh up your leftovers so you
don’t get bored by the end of the week.

Chicken is
the perfect example. Roast chicken leftovers can be changed into a toasted
sandwich, tortilla wrap or salad.

Make a smoothie

A smoothie
is the tastiest and quickest way to get in a bunch of nutrients in one shot.
With a massive variety of recipes to choose from, you won’t ever get bored. Be
it fruit or vegetables, throw it in the blender and press a button, it doesn’t
get any easier than that. You can make a large batch in advance to save even
more time.

Keep reading
for some delicious smoothie recipes.

Don’t punish yourself

Never force
yourself to eat food that you don’t like, you might just end up putting
yourself off lunch forever. There is nothing wrong with throwing a snack
chocolate in now and again or drinking some low fat chocolate milk with your

It’s only
about balance. Treat yourself every Friday with a chocolate or a bit of
biltong. Go to the restaurant only on the last Friday of each month to get out
of the office.

Don’t forget your lunch

It is so
easy to just grab your car keys and dash out the door without taking your lunch
along. Try putting your car keys on the lunch box inside the fridge or counter.

Super Smoothie Recipes!

Fruit and Oat Smoothie:


1 cup
quartered strawberries

½ cup of

1 sliced

¼ cup raw

1 teaspoon
maple syrup

1 cup
low-fat vanilla yogurt

Just throw
all of these ingredients into a blender and enjoy.


Blueberry Smoothie:


1 cup
chopped pineapple

2 teaspoons
of sugar

1 Orange

1 ½ cups
frozen blueberries

½ to ¾ cup

Just throw
all of these ingredients into a blender and enjoy.


Strawberry, Mango and Yogurt


1 cup
low-fat plain yogurt

1 ¼ cups of
apple juice

1 cup frozen
or fresh strawberries

2 cups
frozen or fresh mango pieces

Just throw
all of these ingredients into a blender and enjoy.


Make it,
taste it and tell us all about it. Healthshare promotes healthy living
throughout the community. We will customise a healthy living project to fit the
needs of the clients and communities.

Healthshare at 012 687 0200 or for more information. 

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