How Healthshare’s Managed Care can benefit your medical facility

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Managed Care

Managed care is the implementation of a variety of techniques intended to reduce the cost of providing health benefits and improve the quality of care patients receive. Healthshare’s Managed Care processes reduce unnecessary healthcare costs through a variety of mechanisms. These include but may not be limited to:

  • Economic incentives for physicians and patients
  • Greater beneficiary cost sharing
  • Controls on inpatient admissions and reducing lengths of stay


  • Utilisation Review:

Healthshare looks to ensure better patient care by reducing errors and omissions. They implement utilisation reviews in order to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate medical care by reviewing aspects like the quality of patient care, place of service and length of hospital stay.

  • Hospital Information Systems:

Healthshare realises the importance of keeping information on patients and how easily the system can become confused. Therefore, they strive to provide hospitals with information systems that will log information accurately and that is easy to use.

  • Account Auditing

Running the finances of the healthcare industry is a big responsibility and can become very complicated. Healthshare helps medical facilities with methods for malpractice claims, revenue recognition, financial reporting etc.

  • Billing and Re-Billing:

It is so easy to get lost in the billing process on top of all the other responsibilities of running a successful hospital. Healthcare facilities can lose money due to lost or ignored claims and underpayments. Healthshare will help take control of the situation and take care of billing services which in turn increases revenue.

  • Case management:

Healthshare’s case management focuses on improving patients’ care by implementing several techniques. They will evaluate the efficiency and adjust the care programs to suit each medical facility’s needs.

The benefits of Healthshare’s Managed Care:

Healthshare’s managed care services have proven to be extremely successful in terms of improving the quality of care to patients, as well as very significant cost savings for clients.

Reduction in unnecessary costs: Managed care reduces all unnecessary medical tests and procedures that cause hospitals and clinics to lose money.

Reduction in the cost of drugs: Many patients need medication but find it difficult to afford. Managed care help reduce the cost of drugs therefore increasing the access patients have to decent medication and a healthier lifestyle.

Reduction in errors: There are so many responsibilities to running a successful healthcare facility so errors can easily slip through the cracks. Implementing Managed Care reduces errors and makes the running of a hospital much easier.

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