Is that pot in your pot? Hottest health and fitness trends for 2017

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Let’s take a look at the hottest fitness trends for 2017.

–          More people are relying on wearable technology such as fitness trackers and smartwatches to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

          Due to its ease and anywhere-anytime quality, body weight training is fitness trend that has increased in popularity. People are turning to no-equipment exercises now.

          HIIT workouts are this year’s HIT method to lose calories fast.

          The value of strength training is more evident than ever with science-backed benefits such as boosting longevity, a method of relieving back pain and more.

strength workout, fitness trend

          Why exercise alone when it’s so much more fun doing it as a group? People in 2017 are gravitating more towards group workouts such as PureBarre and Crossfit.

          The yoga fitness trend is still going strong with its host of mind and body healing benefits.

          People are finding ways to incorporate functional fitness into their lives. With today’s economy, people are looking at how they can incorporate exercise in their daily routine rather than pay for a gym membership. This can be simple things such as moving furniture, lifting weights with the milk before pouring it into your coffee.

          Outdoor activities that encourage movement and fitness are IN right now.

          The need for wellness coaches have increased this year with more people gravitating towards hiring someone to provide support and advise on a level that personal trainers may not be able to achieve.

          Employee wellness have been promoted in the workplace for many years, however, it’s encouraged more than ever this year with various companies looking at ways to improve and ensure the health of their employees.

          The increased use of exercise apps is a trend that doesn’t surprise us at all. Smartphone apps have boomed in the last couple of years with people using apps for virtually any situation in life.

          Exercise is being promoted as the new medicine this year and looking at the host of benefits, we can see why. An exercise plan can help improve memory, strength, heart health, energy levels, sleep, confidence, immune system, need we go on?

          Did you know that approximately 150 minutes of moderate exercise can increase your lifespan by 3.4 years? Exercise is the ultimate fitness trend in itself.

          Inflammation fighting foods and spices such as Turmeric are now seen as a major health priority.  

          Athleisure is a thing now. What thing is this? Well Athleisure basically refers to people in the workplace now seeing fashionably fit clothes or active wear as office-appropriate attire.  

 Athleisure fitness trend

          Is that pot in your pot? Retail brands are looking at manufacturing cannabis-infused foods and beauty products.

It’s clear that the need for health and fitness promotion have not taken a back seat, if anything, the health and fitness industry is more exciting than ever. We encourage you to take part in these fitness trends and, who knows? Maybe you’ll start your own!

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