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Hospitals play a very important role in the delivery of healthcare services across the globe.

In an article by the Financial Mail titled Poor hospital management leads to troubled health system, Sandile Mfenyana, CEO of Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg was quoted stating that ills troubling the health system stem from poor management. Click here for the full article:

Poor management sensibly not only wastes resources but is positively dangerous to the health and welfare of the patients and the community at large. Hospital administrators, therefore, need a certain amount of professional management inputs as to manage hospitals efficiently and effectively.

Being entrusted with millions from either the public health budget or private donations, hospitals need to be monitored in every aspect, including:

–           Planning, Building and Commission of Hospitals

–           Comprehensive Service

–           Turnaround Management

–           Facility management services including, e.g. kitchen, laundry, catering, cleaning etc.

–           Financial Management

–           Administrative Management

–           People Management

With advances in the field of medicine, hospitals are able to offer a wide variety and have thus become very complex organizations.

Hospital management has assumed added significance in the light of increased cost for medical care, ageing population, and the potentially declining levels of service all of which threaten the quality of service delivered.

Choose Healthshare

Healthshare Health Solutions has extensive experience in delivering services for advanced hospital management.

The services include all the aspects that a hospital requires to function at its optimal level for quality healthcare. The Healthshare service can be customised for anything from total integrated hospital management to selected aspects of the facility.

They also have the experience to assist clients with the commissioning of totally new hospitals or clinics, providing expert assistance with planning, financing, building and commissioning of the facility.

They have proven ongoing management ability with a track record illustrating major turnarounds in terms of profitability and service quality.

Healthshare is well connected, and has strategic alliances with various experts (architects, quantity surveyors, builders, equipping specialists etc.)

They also have the ability to ensure hassle free management of new or existing hospitals and medical facilities.

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