Hospital Management Services

Includes clinics, pharmacy, hospital and referral services and managing all systems optimally as an efficient integrated unit.

The Healthshare team has extensive experience in delivering services for advanced hospital management. The services include all the aspects that a hospital requires to function at its optimal level for quality healthcare. The Healthshare service can be customized for anything from total integrated hospital management to selected aspects of the facility.

We also have the experience to assist clients with the commissioning of totally new hospitals or clinics, providing expert assistance with planning, financing, building and commissioning of the facility.

We have proven ongoing management ability with a track record illustrating major turnarounds in terms of profitability and service quality.

  1. Plan, Build and Commission Hospitals
  2.  Comprehensive Service
  3.  Turnaround Management
  4.  Facility management services including all services, e.g. kitchen, laundry, catering, cleaning etc.
  5.  Financial Management
  6.  Administrative Management
  7.  People Management

Healthshare is well connected, and has strategic alliances with various experts (architects, quantity surveyors, builders, equipping specialists etc.)

We have the ability to ensure hassle free management of new or existing hospitals and medical facilities.