Hospital management services-more than just a band aid

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Hospital management services form a fundamental part in the success of running a hospital. These services not only help improve the quality of healthcare offered to patients, but additionally assist in stabilising other facets that impact the operational functions of a hospital such as finances and management of staff.

In the South African context, the persistent complaints made against hospitals and clinics are an all-too-familiar picture that is often negatively portrayed in the media. From patients expressing their dissatisfaction of the treatment received from healthcare professionals, to extensive hours spent seeking treatment from them, we have observed an increasing need for professional healthcare management services that are familiar with the difficulties experienced by medical facilities. In our experience, we have discovered that the need for hospital management is a service that is of vital importance, not only for patients, but also for internal staff that are in dire need of quality leadership.

Which brings us to the thorny issue of human resources. We believe that hospital management should not only aim at improving hospital infrastructure and efficient systems, but also implement strategies which will assist in setting realistic internal goals for staff to work towards, thus implementing a solidified focus on the abilities and skills of the personnel, to improve the execution of the systems effected by management.

As leaders in the health solutions arena, we pride ourselves on the extensive experience we have garnered over some years. We are justifiably proud of the hospitals we have assisted turning their profit losses into monetary gains, demonstrating our in-depth knowledge of the health service market. We additionally aid hospitals in offering reputable services to patients, to the benefit of hospital management. Our best-in-class Health Management Services include solutions which assist in: nursing management, turnaround management, strategic management services, and patient administration which form part of improving the human resources facet of hospital management.

Having worked with hospitals in South Africa, Botswana, Libya, Nigeria, Gambia, Tanzania and Angola with pre-operational and management services, we are familiar with the human resource environment within hospitals and clinics. As such, we are ideally placed to diagnose issues affecting staff productivity and management styles used in the running of the health care centres. Our expert staff are well-versed in identifying key areas which need improvement and implement practices best suited to the obstacles revealed via rigorous and transparent investigations which are conducted.

If you would like further information on Hospital Management Service we offer to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, call us on 012 661 4181 or email We would welcome the opportunity to explain the concepts and how we, as Healthshare Health Solutions, deliver on improved outcomes-in hospital management.


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