Why is Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace Important?

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Promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace

Healthy living programs are receiving a lot of promotion lately in the workplace. But, why are they important?

Workplace Success and Healthy Living Programs

Research has long shown that the workplace affects individuals’ health. After all, many people spend a large portion of their week in an office or another type of work environment.

Wellness programs are therefore being put into workplaces with the beliefs that such programs help to improve employee health at work. As a result, it is hoped that employees will be sick fewer days, which saves the company money, as well as being happier in mood, content, and highly efficient.

How to Promote Healthy Living in the Workplace?

Workplace health promotion can occur in a number of ways. Firstly, companies can make employees aware of local healthy living resources, such as local websites and government initiatives. The resources may be distributed to employees via pamphlets, emails or a private company webpage.

As well, promoting health at work may occur in the form of employee assistance program. Such a program can outline for employees all of the health-oriented services available to them. For example, employers can offer health screening for high cholesterol or blood pressure. Workplaces may also choose to make their workplaces smoke-free.

Additional Ways to Promote Health at Work

Some workplaces may also choose to share healthy living information, such as information about healthy pregnancies, if there are female employees of child-bearing ages. As well, speakers may come to the workplace and speak about nutrition, exercise, sleep, or specific topics such as drug and alcohol services available in the region.

Given that adults spend the majority of their life at work, promoting health at work is an important consideration. By providing healthy living information and healthy living programs, employers have the opportunity to reduce employee stress and improve job satisfaction. The investment in these promotional efforts is lively a cost-saver for companies down the track.



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