Healthy Living

With the needs of patients and communities being in a constant change of flux, Healthshare will consolidate certain initiatives to enhance the added value provided by our clients to their patients.

Healthshare will customise a healthy living project to fit the needs of the clients and communities.

  1. Nutritional Products
  2.  Diet Clinics – weight loss programmes
  3.  Functional Capacity Evaluation
  4.  HIV / AIDS Disease Management
  5.  TB Disease Management
  6.  Other Healthy Living and Disease Management Programmes
  7.  Health Promotion Campaigns

An example of one of Healthshare’s successes is their involvement in the world renowned Lesedi-Lechabile project. This is a community based project, focusing on decreasing sexual transmitted disease infections in the community by focusing on education and treatment of woman at risk.

Healthshare is so committed to this initiative, that we have developed our own nutritional product range. To find out more, visit