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Nutritional intake is something that everyone should be concerned with, as the level of intake at different ages could affect growth, stimulation and overall health in the long run, depending on the age group you would fall under. For instance, certain nutrients are needed by infants to stabilize bone growth and brain development.


The period of adolescence is seen, next to infancy, as the most important stage in the development of the human body. Because of this rate of growth, and the adjustment and rapid development during the puberty stage, higher intake may be expected than that of the adult.


As with the adult diet, the youth’s diet should be assessed and adjusted according to body type, weight and level of physical activity, however, due to the tendency of the adolescent to eat higher levels of junk food and snacks with low nutritional value, a balance must be achieved between the two sides.


The recommended daily allowance for youths is the same as that of the adult diet, with the exception of the milk and dairy intake, which is recommended to be four servings per day, instead of the three recommended for adults.


It is imperative to regulate the intake of low nutrient-density foods, and replace them with foods that contain higher nutritional rating. This is because the amount of calories and nutrients held in nutritional foods are absorbed more easily and efficiently, as well as being on a more regulated level, than less healthy options.


Make sure to consult a doctor or professional dietician on any matters concerning dietary changes or problems.


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