Healthy Eating During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time filled with parties, family gatherings, and lots of food, so it’s easy to overindulge in rich foods that aren’t so good for you. It is also easy to lose track of how many calories you’re taking in.

It doesn’t mean you have to avoid socializing with business associates, friends and family, but it does help to have a strategy for handling the holiday season[1]. But, with a little help, you can keep from eating too much during the holidays.

While you enjoy celebrating with friends and family, the alcohol might start to loosen your determination to keep your calories in check. Then there are the snacks, plentiful and readily available, and often salty enough to fire up your thirst, which is then quenched with yet another drink. Here are some tips to help you[2]:

Eat Hydrated Foods

There are many fruits and vegetables that have a high water content that can easily fill up one’s stomach. This will limit you from eating unnecessary and unhealthy foods. Benefits of these fruits and vegetables include regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints plus helps flush out waste in the system.

Ease Up On the Alcohol

Alcohol does make one gain weight; therefore, having alternatives like water with fruits can be very healthy. Benefits of cutting alcohol are that you will be more sleep; your skin will clear up more.

Eat Before Going Out

Rather than getting in a party where everything is either sugary or very fatty, eat your healthy food at home. Maybe carry a smoothie to that holiday party so that you eat light and snack on the smoothie.

Drink plenty of water

Believe or not people’s water intake deteriorates during the festive season as there are all sorts of drinks and alcohol in the fridge. That is why it is a good day to always be carrying water wherever you go; the weather is not that easy on the skin either so hydration is important.

Find Activities That Do Not Involve Food

Go to the park and carry only cab money so that you are not tempted to buy snacks and sweet. Outside activities like a hike or just walking are good to keep your temptations away. So get into those training shoes and start hiking!

It’s difficult to avoid overeating during the holidays. Remember that maintaining a healthy diet throughout the holidays takes practice. Forgive yourself and make sure your next meal or snack is a healthy one. For more informative articles like this one please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and visit our website

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