Healthshare’s top tips to surviving the back-to- work January blues

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Few things can match the disappointment of having to return to work or school after a fantastic holiday. Healthshare, however, is already hard at work and we’ve come up with a short survival guide to help you through that back-to-work blues.

Leverage the positives

If you’ve gone away for the holidays, you’ll be well rested and your mind will have had time to refresh. Leverage off the renewed energy and use it to start the year productively and organised. The first two weeks or so of January are usually quiet ones so use it to get ahead with some of your tasks.

Pack a healthy lunch

If you’ve set New Year’s resolutions, eating right might be on your list. If so, keep that resolution and pack yourself a healthy and nutritious lunch. In January, money’s usually on the low side so packing your own lunch can be more cost effective.

Sort out your emails and plan ahead

Use the downtime to sort through your emails, schedule and plan ahead for a couple of weeks or months. Accept that you probably won’t want to do a lot of work during this time, that’s okay. Don’t force yourself to immediately fall back into the groove, it doesn’t come as naturally for everyone.

Get a good night’s rest

Be sure to enjoy the last day before you return to work and get a good night’s rest. Try and do something really fun on the last day of your holiday in order to help you forget about your back-to-work blues. Once you’ve returned to work, don’t push yourself too hard. You don’t want to burn out to quickly so be sure to get a good night’s rest every night of the week.

Make it fun for yourself

Listen to some music, add a special treat to your lunchbox or find another way to make going back to work fun for yourself. Going back to work needn’t be such a drag. Catch up with your colleagues but be sure to cut the festive talks after lunch time at latest. Bringing up the holidays too often is just going to bring back your back-to-work blues.

Now you’re equipped with a few essential tips to survive your back-to-work blues. Can you add to this list? Join the conversation on social media and share your personal tips on getting through the first few weeks of returning to work.

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