Eliquis (apixaban) – The Newest Anti-Clotting Drug

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The newest anti-clotting drug that has been approved by the FDA is an oral tablet that is used to reduce the risk of stroke and dangerous blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is what happens when a heart beat is abnormal and irregular and when the heart’s two upper chambers don’t contract properly.  This causes blood clots which can break off and travel to the brain which causes strokes.

This drug works it magic by inhibiting Factor Xa, which reduces the generation and development of blood clots.

The FDA approved this drug based on the results of two clinical trials. The first trial is called Aristotle and had 18 201 subjects with AF enrolled. This trial specifically was comparing the effects of Eliquis and Warfarin on the AF. It was found that Eliquis was more superior to Warfarin in treating AF. Although Eliquis essentially thins the blood and patients therefore have to be cautious and attentive when bleeding for any reason, Eliquis showed significantly fewer major bleeds than Warfarin. Eliquis also resulted in a significant lower rate of all-cause death because of a reduction in particularly stroke deaths.

The second trial is called Averroes and had 5 598 subjects enrolled that were thought to be unsuitable candidates for Warfarin. The main objective of this trial was to determine whether Eliquis was superior to aspirin in preventing the composite outcome of a stroke. However, this trial was stopped early it seemed that aspirin was associated with a modest increase in major bleeding.

The only side effects of this wonder drug are related to bleeding.

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