Healthshare’s Tribute to Doctors Without Borders

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Allow us to introduce you to a small group of doctors and nurses who dedicate their time and lives to helping those affected by conflict, disasters and epidemics. Allow us to reveal to you a world where patients do not have access to proper healthcare, electricity and basic sanitary conditions.

Where they started

The massive Parisian revolt of May 1968 was what drove a group of young doctors to stand up and help the victims of major wars and disasters. Little did they know that they had just set the trail ablaze for many doctors to follow.

The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), known internationally in English as Doctors Without Borders was officially created on December 22, 1971. Something powerful and beautiful rose from the ashes of war.

doctors without borders

They started with some 300 volunteers many years ago and have now grown to over 30 000 doctors, nurses, logisticians and other qualified professionals working around the globe.

They do not only bring their skills to the table but something bigger

Their patients aren’t only ill and dying, they are frightened and in desperate need of comfort and love. Many children have lost both parents, parents have lost children, man and wife has been separated.

The volunteers do not only heal and protect, they bring some much needed love and hope to these communities. These are the people who turn Christmas into a celebration, who provide patients with the gift of another year of life on their Birthdays.

Admirable statistics as taken from the official Website

In 2014, MSF medical teams carried out the following:

Over eight million outpatient consultations

Delivered 194 400 babies

Treated more over 2.1 million people for malaria

Provided over 200 000 mental health consultations

Registered 229, 900 HIV patients under care

Conducted over 81, 700 surgeries

Treated 46, 900 people for cholera

Vaccinated almost 1,5 million people against measles and over 75, 100 against meningitis

This is a small example of the work being done every day, every year. They do all of this and more without one complaint or any expectations of reimbursement.

We speak to you nowdoctors without borders 2

We here at Healthshare would like to thank the Doctors without Borders for all of their hard and dedicated work. Thank you for ensuring the health and safety in poor and dangerous areas.

Few people will truly understand what you go through on a daily basis, so this article was written sincerely in your honour, a letter of sorts. We know that you too get scared at times but you are brave, beautiful people and do not ever give up your efforts.

You are valued. Healthshare salutes you.

Founders of MSFMSF_front_door_in_Chad

  • − Xavier Emmanuelli
  • − Jacques Beres
  • − Jean Cabrol
  • − Bernard Kouchner
  • − Raymond Borel
  • − Pascal Greletty-Bosviel
  • − Marcel Delcourt
  • − Gérard Illiouz
  • − Gérard Pigeon
  • − Max Recamier
  • − Vladan Radoman
  • − Jean-Michel Wild
  • − Philippe Bernier

You are welcome to click here for more information on Doctors without Borders and to find out how you can make a donation.

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