Dispensary and Pharmacy

Our pharmacy management expertise creates and maintains a high performance pharmacy service that provides superior cost control, enhanced patient safety and achievement of best practice standards in pharmacy and dispensary operations.

Using our expertise, we will systematically examine all the integrated aspects of a client’s pharmacy and in a cooperative way introduce solutions and recommendation to fill the gaps.

We can furthermore assist you to implement effective drug utilization strategies in your pharmacy.

  1.  Procurement
  2.  Stock Management
  3.  Formulary Development
  4.  Price file Management
  5.  Merchandising
  6.  Financial Management

An example of dispensary and pharmacy success includes the following:

  1. Two pharmacy companies H Taute (Pty) Ltd. and MP Britz (Pty) Ltd. were acquired by Healthshare in 2006. These companies owned and managed four retail and three hospital pharmacies. A very successful business turnaround (from significant losses to substantial profits of up to R2 million per month) in six months was achieved by review and negotiation of contracts, optimization of supply chain management, rationalization and integration of pharmacy systems with hospital and clinic systems and restructuring and re-organisation.
  1. Ethekwini Hospital – Healthshare improved the functioning, efficiency and systems of the hospital pharmacy of this newly developed hospital. This was a 8 month project.