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There’s no shortage of challenges in running a pharmacy; increased competition, new regulations, piles of paperwork and shrinking margins.

Pharmacy management requires a combination of skills including account management, staff management, marketing management, sales and stock and a heavy dose of customer service.

Areas that need attention include:


All the proceeds taken in by the pharmacy must be tallied on a daily basis and compared with expenses so that the money coming in never falls short of the money going out. If there are discrepancies, the manager must contact the insurance company at fault and claim the difference.


Pharmacy staff range from part-time register and stock help to licensed pharmacists and pharmacy techs. Pharmacy managers are charged with the creation of a work schedule for all staff members. A licensed pharmacist must be present at all times or the store cannot legally open.

Drug supply

Prescription drugs and other controlled items, such as sharps or insulin, must be ordered on a regular basis so that they are in stock when needed.


Pharmacy management comes with a list of peripheral duties that fall outside the medical realm. Many pharmacies sell items like state lottery tickets, beer and wine, or groceries. These items tend to have their own accounts to manage.


While major chains tend to dictate promotional periods and guidelines from a central corporate office, independent pharmacy managers are often responsible for devising specials and other marketing campaigns on their own. Since the manager knows the wholesale cost of every item, what sells best and least, and how consumers shop the store, she is best suited to promotional management. Promotions may include special pricing, flyer creation, distribution and general advertisements for the store. Promotions must be maintained year-round and often require adjustment as seasons and consumer buying habits change. The expense of each campaign must be factored into the budget and accounted for in monthly profit and loss calculations.

This is where Healthshare Health Solutions step in to help build business goals and work with you to select technology systems and management structures that offers the right tools and services that not only help you survive, but thrive.

They take care of business so that you can focus on providing better care to patients.

Whether you looking to increase your revenue streams, improve your efficiency and profitability, heighten accuracy, or add new patient care services, Healthshare’s dispensary and pharmacy management systems will fulfill your needs.

In the past very successful business turnaround (from significant losses to substantial profits of up to R2 million per month) in six months was achieved.

This was done by review and negotiation of contracts, optimization of supply chain management, rationalization and integration of pharmacy systems with hospital and clinic systems and restructuring and re-organisation.


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