(Dark) Chocolate is Good For You!

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Dark ChocolateEvery year around Valentine’s Day, chocolate sales go through the roof, even more so for those that forgot what day it is and have to make it up to their loved ones. Thankfully, when it comes to chocolate, there is some good news – dark chocolate is actually beneficial to your health!


Recent studies published in two leading scientific journals have discussed the benefits of eating dark chocolate, and the results show that not only is dark variety chocolate better than milk or white chocolate, but it is actually a good addition to your diet. The dark chocolate compounds, which contain little or no milk products contain antioxidants that help slow down signs of aging, heart disease and various other health issues that appear in later life.


It has been suggested that this lack of milk products is the important part, as milk counteracts the antioxidants, leaving the lighter chocolates neutral in terms of health benefits, while adding to the calories you’re consuming.


However, it is important to remember that even though it has been noted to be a healthy addition to your diet, eating dark chocolate in a regular basis will require you to cut down on other foods in order to balance your calorie and fat intake. Instead of going on binges and constantly snacking on chocolate, work it moderately into your diet.

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