Consulting & Training services in an ever changing healthcare industry.

Ever-changing healthcare regulations create significant challenges for healthcare service providers. We are able to, through consulting and training, provide clients with the resources to be compliant for international recognition.

The healthcare supply chain, although complex (with nodes of individuals possessing highly specific and specialized knowledge), requires an ongoing measurement and feedback system that ensures delivery of optimal value.

We have the ability to assist clients in identifying areas for improvement, but also draw up customized, integrated action plans to institute improvement, and fill the identified gaps.

  1.  Quality Audits
  2.  Financial & Administration Systems and Controls
  3.  Accreditation Compliance
  4.  Policy & Procedure Formulation
  5.  Nursing Education
  6.  Health Education & First Aid Training
  7.  Emergency Services
  8.  Information Technology
  9.  Mentoring of Healthcare Managers

Healthshare provides consulting & training services to private hospitals and clinics, mine hospitals and public hospitals.

Consulting and training services include analyzing the problems faced by the client, advising and guiding the client in order to ensure that the best possible choices and decisions are made – choices and decisions that will not only solve the problems, but be in line with the clients objectives and business structure.

Healthshare will ensure hassle free consulting and training, as well as management of new and existing hospital and medical facilities to clients, organisations and governments.

Healthshare has the ability to assist clients:

  • Review and evaluate their business component/structure to ensure certain standards are met.
  • Providing health education and emergency training programs for both employers and employees.
  • Mentoring and assisting Healthcare professionals.

An example of the consulting and training success includes the following:

  1. Sir Albert Medical Centre (176 bed hospital, Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa)

Healthshare assisted with the process of re-engineering, upgrading, equipping, branding, improving customer service ratings, cost savings, as well as COHSASA accreditation.