Consulting & Training: Why you need Healthshare

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All individuals in the healthcare management field are affected by constant change.

The evolution of new patient care delivery models has thus prompted many healthcare organizations to take a deeper look at their existing workforce management practices to explore opportunities for improved patient and caregiver satisfaction and cost reduction.

South Africa’s healthcare system and organizations specifically, are unlike any other. It is complex, divided, heavily regulated and sometimes even contentious.

That is why the healthcare supply chain, requires an ongoing measurement and feedback system that ensures delivery of optimal value.

This is where Healthshare steps in providing expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Review and evaluation of business component/ structure to ensure certain standards are met.
  • Providing health education and emergency training programs for both employers and employees.
  • Mentoring and assisting Healthcare professionals.

In essence Healthshare not only identifies areas for improvement in the abovementioned fields but also draw up action plans to institute improvement.

In a typical case scenario Healthshare in the past provided consulting and training in the process of:

Re-engineering, upgrading, equipping

This includes purchasing of beds, purchasing of monitoring and diagnostic equipment, upgrading nurses stations and revamping of waiting rooms.


Gone are the days that hospitals and physician practices didn’t need to advertise. Patients made health care decisions based on their physician’s referrals, recommendations and prior experiences. Cut to today, where the average patient has become a health care consumer who researches health information reads physician reviews and actively seeks second opinions.

The healthcare industry has become more competitive than ever, this is where Healthshare comes in to differentiate health organizations with a strong and consistent brand.

Improving customer service ratings

Many hospital execs may not devote much thought to the customer service aspect of health care. But as patient satisfaction scores are given more weight in reimbursement, leaving a good impression on patients and their families has become vital.

Cost savings

There are a ton of costs that go into running a hospital. The question is, where can hospital CEOs cut back on expenses without taking health care essentials away from patients? When it comes to healthy budgeting Healthshare assists hospitals to cut back on expenditure without affecting patients.

COHSASA accreditation

Healthshare ensures compliance with The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) – the internationally accredited quality improvement and accreditation body for health care facilities based in Africa. In the past 20 years, over 600 facilities throughout the continent have entered the COHSASA programme to improve the quality and safety of the health care services provided to patients.

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