Common myths around diabetes busted

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Careful, don’t eat that birthday cake for breakfast, you may just get diabetes.

Many of us have at least once or twice heard the threat of diabetes mentioned with regards to eating habits. What we here at Healthshare would like to know is; how true are some of these claims? Allow us to bust a few popular myths around diabetes.



F: Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes

T: Type 1 diabetes is the result of a person’s pancreas failing to produce insulin. Sugar itself or the amount of sugar one consumes does not cause diabetes. However, consumption of too much sugar contributes to unhealthy weight gain which can subsequently cause type 2 diabetes.

F: People with diabetes cannot enjoy candy

T: As with any condition there are bound to be limits put into place. People with diabetes can still enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate, however, in moderation.

F: You can feel if your blood sugar levels are high or low

T: Some minor symptoms such as weakness, unshakable thirst or an increased need to urinate may be signs that your blood sugar levels are high or low. A proper test is the only way to know for sure how low or high your blood sugar levels are. In fact, high blood sugar levels can do considerable damage without you even realising it.

F: People with diabetes cannot exercise or play sports

T: Exercise helps keep weight under control and may control blood sugar levels. Let a medical professional advise on the best exercises to do in order to manage blood sugar.

F: Type 2 people only occurs in people who are over weight

T: While type 2 diabetes is associated with people who are overweight or obese, it can occur in people with normal weight or who are underweight as well.

F: People with diabetes shouldn’t drive

T: Hypoglycaemia is the main danger diabetic drivers are faced with. That being said, hypoglycaemia can be prevented and many diabetic drivers take care in ensuring that hypos do not take place while they are driving.



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