Clinic Services

Our proven primary healthcare model has delivered accessible quality care to thousands of workers on various capitation model contracts Healthshare has held over years.

The satellite healthcare facility has taken on greater importance, driven both by the demand of convenience by a more empowered patient, as well as the introduction of technology that allows for wider and immediate dissemination of information. Some of the clinic activities can also be viewed as independent operations, and it this balance of independent facility versus extended service that requires a balance in emphasis and experienced management to succeed.

Clinic Services include:

  1. Primary Health Care
  2.  Comprehensive Clinic
  3.  Fixed & Mobile clinics
  4.  Specialised Clinics eg. Wellness, TB
  5.  Computerised Record Keeping

Quarterly quality audits have enabled continuous improvement of these services. This had been augmented by frequent customer surveys and formal meetings with both employer and employee representatives.

These clinics serve mainly the mining industry. Healthshare is confident that their prices in this area will remain very competitive.