Benefits that show that salt is actually good for your health

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Hypertension day is around the corner and many think salt to be a leading cause of hypertension. You are encouraged to keep your salt intake to a minimum so as to conserve your health. While we agree that salt should indeed be consumed in moderation, we have discovered a few health benefits that prove that salt may actually not be so bad after all.

Salt sustains the hydration levels in your body

Those who work outside and live active lifestyles need to replenish both their salt and water shortages due to perspiration. A moderate intake of salt can help balance the body’s hydration levels and therefore aids in the proper functioning of the organs.

Treats low blood pressure

While this may sound ironic, a bit of salt can greatly improve the condition of those suffering of low blood pressure. The salt will help boost the volume of blood in the arteries subsequently leading to an increase in blood pressure.

Encourages a fast metabolism

Okay, you don’t need to understand everything we’re about to explain, all you need to know is that salt can speed up your metabolism. More solutes in the extracellular fluid than in the cell (hyperosmolarity) increases your cell’s metabolic rate.

Controls blood sugar

It is said that a low-salt diet can increase insulin resistance thus benefiting those suffering of diabetes.

Salt is a natural antihistamine

Did you know that a pinch of salt may help subside the symptoms of an allergic reaction or an asthma attack? Simply place a pinch of unprocessed salt on the tip of your tongue or the person who has suffered the reaction and wait for the salt to dissolve.

Lowers adrenaline spikes

Adrenaline is essentially a stress hormone and an excess of adrenaline or haywire adrenaline patters can leave its toll on the system. A healthy dose of salt can help lower adrenaline levels.

Has anti-stress qualities

Speaking of stress hormones, salt has enigmatic anti-stress qualities since it suppresses stress hormones and increases your metabolic rate. Salt consumed in moderation have been known to improve sleep quality.

Aids thyroid function

One last note on stress hormones. Through reducing stress hormones, salt can aid thyroid function. Cotisolm, a steroid hormone, has a negative impact on thyroid function and salt combats this excess cortisol.

Not to mention salt brings a nice flavour to any dish! All foods, herbs and spices have their benefits and should be consumed in moderation so as to reap the maximum health benefits. There’s no reason to eliminate salt or anything else for that matter from your diet. You’ve be surprised how good some of the ostensibly bad food can be for you.

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