Are E-Cigarettes Harmful?

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Many experts have debated the topic of safe alternatives to smoking in the years since tests showed a correlation between smoking tobacco and certain types of cancer. Some of the latest trends, which have taken over from the early 21st century idea of wearing a slow-release nicotine patch, include the use of a product known as the e-cigarette.


These electronic cigarettes, first developed in China in 2003, turn a nicotine-laced liquid into a vapour, which produces the same effect as traditional cigarettes, but with less inhalants due to ignition or other chemicals that are added. These products contain much lower levels of nicotine, and are generally assumed to help smokers to slowly kick the habit of smoking full time.


However, in recent years, some people have argued that these replacement products may be no better for our health than traditional cigarettes, even thought they remove exposure to certain toxins.


Studies have allegedly shown a rise in airway blockage immediately after smoking the replacement device, significantly in smokers and non-smokers alike (with some being affected more severely than others). However, there is no clear evidence on what exactly it is that may make these products harmful in the long run, and it has been suggested that further studies be done in order to prove substantially whether or not these products are in fact safer. In the meantime, it has been advised that all individuals that would like to stop smoking follow procedures dictated to them by their physicians.


It should be noted, however, that e-cigarettes do in fact contain much less chemical ingredients than their traditional counterparts, and that that alone may be reason to believe that they are less harmful, at least in the short term.


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