5 tips to erase your fear of going under the knife

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Nosocomephobia translates into the fear of hospitals while a fear of surgery is called Tomophobia. Whether major or minor, having to go for surgery is never pleasant news.

However, we are here to tell you to ignore those big words, take a deep breath and follow these tips which should aid in calming you down before your next surgery.

Trust your doctor

Uncertainty is probably the biggest culprit causing your fear. Can you trust this doctor? How long has he or she been practicing? If you’ve been with a doctor for many years, trust his diagnosis. If you do not know the doctor, get to know him and trust that he is in control of things.

Sketch positive images in your mind

Instead of thinking about the surgery, think of how wonderful it’s going to be to live without pain or to be able to walk again, to be healed from the ailment that’s been plaguing you for so long. Picture a speedy and painless recovery. Avoid negative conversations about operations.

Take care of yourself

If you are in pain or ill, the last thing you should be doing is stressing as this worsens your situation by miles. Focus on healing yourself or keeping your strength up for the operation. Do exercises where possible and eat healthy to build up your strength for the recuperating that lies ahead. Meditate, read a book, listen to some calming music, whatever takes your mind of things.

Know what to expect

This tip can basically go two ways however way you look at it. Sometimes educating yourself on your condition and the procedure can help decrease anxiety as you know what to expect, completely erasing the “unknown” factor. On the other hand, you can also stumble upon some surgical horror stories online.

If you choose to educate yourself, make sure you gather your information from reliable sources only. Google isn’t a qualified doctor. Speak to your doctor first and foremost and ask him to explain the procedure to you. Proper research can also reveal tips and secrets to healing quicker from your surgery.

You’ll be asleep through all of it

It only takes less than 20 seconds to get you under from the moment the anaesthesiologist asks you to start counting. From there on, it’s goodnight until you wake up. Of course you should be prepared to be in some pain but also trust that your doctor will have means of controlling your pain levels.

How to prepare for surgery:

Understand your options before agreeing to surgery. Get a second opinion if you wish

Ask your doctor to explain the procedure thoroughly.

Choose a quality facility and ask your doctor for advice on choosing the best hospital.

Follow Pre-Surgery prep instructions. Get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the operation and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Try not to put surgery off for too long, procrastination will make the situation worse.

Be aware of the complications.

Have someone you can trust, like a family member or friend, to look after you the moment you come out of surgery as you may be confused and groggy. This person should stay with you for the following 48 hours minimum.

Make sure you ask your doctor what measures you need to take to take care for yourself after the surgery, how to clean your wounds and so forth.


Remember surgery can mark the start of a better, healthier and pain free life.





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